Cashmere is known to be one of the finest and warmest fibers in the world; it comes from the undercoat   of Hircus goats. These incredible animals produce a double fleece that is extra soft and extra fine   under their tougher outer coat, enabling them to survive Mongolian harsh winters and hot summers.

The natural harmony between the rugged terrain, high altitude, cold climate and the surviving ability   of Hircus goats has created the exquisite, luxurious, feather-light and incredibly warm Mongolian   cashmere. 

In tune with traditional nomadic culture, every spring Mongolian herders gently comb out   the fine cashmere fibers, a procedure that is entirely harmless to the Hircus goats. Less than 250 grams   of high quality cashmere is obtained from each goat every year, thus making cashmere a precious   commodity. An outstanding garment demands raw materials of excellent quality, and the natural   integrity of this fiber provides for items of exceptional lightness, softness, warmth and durability.

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