Nans Cashmere is committed to work towards Sustainability and in 2021 we took a Sustainability initiative and we developed long-term plan focusing on key areas: Resources and Production to achieve clear and tangible goals for each of our focus areas to maximize our environmental consciousness and responsibility.

Widely known that using sustainable resources establishes your brand as sustainable. However, Nans Cashmere firmly believes that sustainability should also be defined within the facility and during the actual production process. Understanding the importance of Sustainable Production, in 2021 Nans Cashmere took a part to be one of the first 18 companies to practice new national standard MNS 6925:2021 - Sustainable Textile Production with the main objective to make the textile sector environmentally friendly, socially responsible and ethical.

Step-by-step we are making sustainable changes and adopted certain principles. These include:

  • Reducing energy consumption to minimize the carbon footprint
  • Reducing water consumption to protect water resources
  • Reducing our paper usage within the company
  • Implementing a recycling system
  • Implementing a proper use of chemicals
  • Educating our employees about the importance of our commitment to the environment

As a result, in 2022 Nans Cashmere has successfully evaluated and audited for sustainable and socially responsible production practices through MNS 6926:2021‘Sustainable Textile Production’ national standard within the European Union funded ‘Sustainable Textile Production and Eco-Labelling Project’ co-implemented by Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association.

By 2030, we vision that we will be able to reduce our energy consumption up to 15%, water up to 10%, replace single use plastic packaging with biodegradable variations and we will be able to replace chemicals with biodegradable, environmental-friendly options as well as ethical employees who support sustainability and practices it in their day-to-day life.

Another key focus of our plan is to use sustainable resources. In order to achieve this goal, Nans Cashmere works with trustful partners who shares same values that provides Traceable Sustainable Cashmere.

We are glad to share our journey and encourage you to be part of it. This article will be updated regularly to keep you informed.