Our story & Vision

A native of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Nansalmaa Sanjmyatav established herself as a leading designer and innovator in the Mongolian fashion industry after the peaceful democratic revolution of the early ‘90s. She quickly began a highly acclaimed career in the fledgling cashmere and design industry, eventually becoming Head of the Design Department at the country’s largest cashmere retailer, Gobi, where she was named the Mongolian “Designer of The Year.”

In 2003, Ms. Nansalmaa’s passion for improving and changing the cashmere industry led her to establish her own company, Nans Cashmere. Founded on the principles of innovation, creativity, and a unique approach to fashion, the company has quickly developed an influential role in the Mongolian cashmere market. Nans Cashmere is also a source of opportunity and inspiration for Mongolian women, providing comfortable living, a safe environment, and socio-economic mobility to its largely female staff. The company has been recognized by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as one of the country’s “Top Exporters” and an excellent example of Mongolian entrepreneurship.

Nans Cashmere works with the highest quality Mongolian cashmere, prized for its exceptionally soft texture, beauty, and warmth. Ms. Nansalmaa is committed to sourcing the company’s raw materials from goats cared for in the finest Mongolian nomadic tradition resulting in the richest, most luxurious, and finest cashmere.

The heart of Nans brand is innovation with respect to tradition and unyielding dedication to authenticity and originality. Everything produced under the Nans name is unique, carefully crafted, and meticulously finished. Nans’ passion is cashmere and the commitment to support and employ local artisans who create peerless designs with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality for our customers all over the world.



Nans Cashmere was established


Nans Cashmere has started Exporting to foreign market


Was qualified for ISO 9001:2015


Began attending international exhibitions, starting with Maison et Objet, Paris


Took a part in Tokyo Fashion World expo


Overcame Crisis followed by Covid-19, yet managed to expand our factory


Developed long-term Sustainability Plan